Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Wyless acquires Aspider M2M

Every so often in the M2M industry one is party to some breaking news. Recently I was compiling some research for the latest edition of M2M Now and interviewing Wyless CEO Dan McDuffie and he shared with me their acquisition of Aspider M2M.

It's a bold move, making an aggressive play to be a global M2M Service Provider. Along with TM Data that Wyless recently acquired in Brazil it gives the company a much more international footprint. And the capabilities that Aspider brings to the table also makes the offering deeper. This is no simple roaming-based global offering. We think the M2M Service Provider market is underserved in Europe, and we know that everyone is M2M is reassessing channels to market. If Wyless, and other M2M Service Providers, can find some competitive differentiator, be it vertical expertise, technology agnosticism, greater client support or whatever, there's good opportunity to out-perform what is a very rapidly growing market.

To read the full interview I recommend you check the M2M Now link. For Machina Research's full views on the acquisition, see my Research Note (log-in required) published yesterday to coincide with the announcement.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Internet of Things World in Palo Alto, June 17-18

At Machina Research we get involved with a lot of conferences and events around the world. I'm particularly looking forward to the Internet of Things World on 17-18 June this year in Palo Alto. I'll be chairing the Smart Cities track and we'll hope to announce some other Machina Research involvement in the coming few weeks. The speaker line-up is looking great, including the inestimable Daniel Obodovski as keynote speaker. Daniel's co-authored book The Silent Intelligence is a seminal book for anyone involved in the IoT.