Predictions for Mobile World Congress 2019

Every year, rain or shine, I go to Barcelona at the end of February for Mobile World Congress. This year I'm not representing any company, I'm just going to soak things up. I'm a telecoms guy and probably always will be, so it's the show I will probably never miss. I always promised myself I'd do that one year and here's my chance. Here are my predictions for the show.
The talk about IoT has moved on to discussion of machine learning and 'digital transformation'. This is a natural evolution and I'll be blogging soon about how there's no more IoT any more. It was always only a convenient umbrella term for a whole bunch of diverse things. The real value comes from transforming business processes and automation. So I expect the conversation to move on from the umbrella to talking about the compelling factors for doing IoT. It's notable, of course, that the event has moved on from being a mobile event to being much more about wider technology. B…

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